Farewell – Illustration Friday

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Farewell - Illustration Friday 26th April

Farewell – Illustration Friday 26th April

This illustration took some effort. I got up early to finish this one and was almost on the verge of abandoning it but finally after much doodling I am happy with the result. I love the quote by Walt Disney, just lovely.
I’ve struggled the past 10 days creatively. From a complete high earlier this month with an offer to show three pieces at a gallery, a surge in creativity with the photomontage pieces, I came down with a feeling of “am I really getting anywhere with this?”. Dealing with a gallery has been a new challenge as I’ve had to quote for large prints of my small artwork. I’ve had to work it out myself and really the problem comes down to the printing again. I know the printers I have been using are expensive and I do need to cut costs. Yesterday I rang up a local printer and actually spoke to the printer not a computer! I have high hopes that he can hold my hand and work with me (as I don’t really know what I’m doing!).
I plan to do more art pieces, originals and prints, then hopefully aim to do a exhibition at some point! I aim to get organized and I will learn how to master Twitter – ha!!!!

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