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This weeks topic for Illustration Friday is wings. I guess I went for the obvious choice of a bird but feathered wings are so beautiful.

I got my delivery of white square mounts this week so I have started to illustrate to the size of 227 x227 mm. I’ve decided to get the Etsy shop up and running with originals. This illustration is now up for sale. Its £40 which may be too costly for some but it is an original. I do have to start earning some sort of living, so I have to be truthful to the amount of time spent on it. I do find pricing very hard! I would love to hear your opinions on pricing, especially any illustrators out there. Do you charge an hourly rate or do you look at the finished piece and estimate what someone would pay for it? Do let me know or give me any links that could help.

Working on Wings

5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Wings

  1. Beautiful illustration, I love black and white line work.
    Yes it’s so hard to work out what to charge but if the illustration is an original it should be sold for a higher price. Having said that if I counted the number of hours I spent on some pieces the cost would be astronomical! You have to be happy with the price but definitely don’t undersell yourself.

    1. Thank you Nicky for your views. I always find it hard to truthfully price artwork. As you say if you added up the total amount of hours spent on some pieces of artwork it really would be very expensive. Plumbers and car mechanics seem to get away with truthful pricing all the time! I guess if someone loves the piece so much, they will be prepared to pay the price.

  2. Laura, Mr. Feathered Wings is beautiful. Please don’t feel you have to justify the prices of your work. Those who love your work will pay for it and you have been underselling yourself for too long. As I read somewhere recently, it is not just the time it takes to create a work of art, but the years of toil that went into becoming an artist. You are there… your work is beautiful and I am so thrilled that you are sharing it with the world. x

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