New – Illustration Friday and Lino printing

30 December, 2012

New - IF
This weeks Illustration topic is New. I struggled with this word a bit. I know we are heading for a new year in a couple of days but nothing came to mind. I thought of the new baby idea last night, so quickly did this illustration this morning.
Yesterday was spent printing linocuts. So very enjoyable and I think this will be the route I will explore in 2013. I so want to print my own work in some form. I got the beautiful Mark Hearld workbook for Christmas which is so inspiring and yet depressing because I know I will never be as talented as this man! I really want to be self sufficient. I need to get some more supplies, inks and lino before I can get really stuck in, so a trip into town is planned today.

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Illustrator, Artist, wife, mother, old bird, lover of beauty, nature and London.

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