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29 September, 2013
IF - 27/09/13

IF – 27/09/13

What a strange word! Until yesterday I had never heard of it.  It sort of means words that represent certain sounds eg huff, puff, zoom, splash.  Anyway while researching it was noticeable that there were a few onomatopoeia words for birdsong.

I’m currently working on a few tricky, hard jobs – growl!  so I was happy to escape into this weeks Illustration Fridays topic!


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Illustrator, Artist, wife, mother, old bird, lover of beauty, nature and London.


  1. studio lolo   2 October, 2013 00:46 / Reply

    wonderful style!! Love it :)

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  3. Curious Art   29 September, 2013 17:55 / Reply

    I really like your style! It’s a bit reminiscent of a linocut. Glad to have happened upon your site via IF.

    Also, that t-shirt necklace/scarf is great– now I have to make one!

    • Laura Roberts Bevan   29 September, 2013 18:14 / Reply

      You know what Leah, I love linocuts and have tried many times to do them but have never been happy with the results. So I started drawing illustrations like a linocuts. Sort of works for me :) do have a go at the T Shirt necklace/scarf, easy and quick! X

  4. Cindy D.   29 September, 2013 17:47 / Reply

    So fun and cute! Love the colors too.

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