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Swiming - 22nd March IF

Swiming – 22nd March IF

Illustration friday topic this week is Swim! A very hard thing to capture is water especially when its moving. When you look at water really closely there are so many shapes, colours that appear that make whatever is in the water distort. So quite a challenge this week, although I’m really happy with my swimming Jack Russell.

This week has been a learning curve for me. In previous posts I have mentioned the tricky subject of pricing. I’m never sure if I’m over or under pricing. I should of course pay by the hour like other trades do but to be honest if I did then in some cases the price would be way too high. My latest commission has been challenging (pics hopefully next week!). It has taken up a lot of my time which doesn’t reflect the price I originally quoted. It is the most involved and detailed piece that I have done to date and I am really pleased with it. ¬†For the first time for years I feel confident about the work I produce. But from this I have learnt to be more realistic about my prices, hence the new Prices page. I guess in some cases it will put people off but it is a risk I have to take. Once this piece is finally finished then I plan to get some more prints going as well as postcards – more cheaper options!

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