Full steam ahead!

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After a clogged up week of struggling to do my ‘own thing’ I feel I’m back on track. I guess we all get bogged down now and again in having to do dull mundane things. Sometimes for me the balance of being creative and being commercial clashes.
But a few good things this week, firstly I discovered some fabulous watercolour paper that can be used in my printer. I can now print black and white images that I’ve drawn and then hand colour with inks or watercolours. The Rose hips picture that I have hand coloured here is now for sale in the shop.
Rose hip close up
I want to do some smaller images with this technique so they can be put on to greetings cards. I’ve given up on getting greetings cards printed commercially as I just cant complete with the low prices that big stores sell them for. Tis hard times for the independent!
Secondly i ordered a selection of postcards with various illustrations that I’ve done over the year on them. They just arrived and I am very pleased. So much cheaper to get postcards printed! I think I will sell them in sets. I just have to work out the price.

Also good old Illustration Friday that always keeps me challenged every week. This weeks topic is Moustache. Not a detailed illustration from me this week as I haven’t much time to devote to it but here it is…….

11th Oct Illustration Friday

11th Oct Illustration Friday

Together – Illustration Friday

Card designs, illustration friday, portfolio
Together - IF  20/09/13

Together – IF 20/09/13

I haven’t done any illustrations for Illustration Friday for ages. I fancied giving this Fridays topic a go. Also I think it will make a good image for a greetings card. Coloured digitally, so nice and bright flat colour. The black and white version is below. Those Foxes again!!

B&W version

B&W version


Card designs

Apple tree nov 2013
I have started to design some card designs again as I would like to sell them through my Etsy shop. While playing around with the colour on Photoshop Elements I deleted the black strong lines, leaving just the background colour. This wasn’t intended but I quite like the effect it gives. Also the OLive tree looks quite Christmassy, which also wasn’t planned.  Its those little white dots I think that give it a snowy feel! Yet on the apple tree it looks like falling blossom.

I would love any feed back regarding the designs shown.  Do you think they would make nice cards? What do you want from a greetings card?  Is colour important to you.  What do you like to pay for a greetings card?  I would be very interested to know your thoughts. Thanks!
Olive tree

christmas angel


Card designs

Today I worked out how to get all my old blogs over from blogger to here.  Very pleased with myself.  It was all done very quickly, the only thing that I had to do was get the right image for each individual post on the home page. This took a little longer to do but we got there eventually.  I really wanted to get all the old blogs on this site before I started on anymore blog entries.  Job done, so here we go again.
Christmas card designs are underway.  I’ve gone for a 70’s feel.  Bright, bright psychedelic colours which I love and need when everything is grey outside.


Card designs

I had a very happy delivery this morning of my card samples.  I'm very pleased with the results. All Tuesday was spent scanning these images and digitally colouring them.  I downloaded and sent them to dcs-print.co.uk and really just hoped for the best.  You wouldn't believe the amount of time I have spent trying to scan properly!  It really has slowed me down.  This time I feel I've cracked it!  No stopping me now.  I'm not sure "Apple Tree" works as a card design but the other three are fine.  I will be going ahead with an order on Monday and they will hopefully be on sale at my shop very soon.

I'm very excited!


I’m here!

Card designs

Well here we go!  After much time head scratching, hair pulling, completely frustrated I am here on WordPress.  I have had a blog with blogger since the beginning of 2012 which has been great and I have nothing but praise for it ( for past posts look on lambfox@blogspot).  The trouble was I couldn’t combine the blog with the very, dare I say amateur website that I had created.  So after recommendations I switched to WordPress.  I of course being very naive thought it would be a complete breeze to set up a fabulous portfolio style site with this blog attached.  How wrong am I or just very stupid!!! Any way I have got the blog going so thats something.

Despite all this time consuming stuff I have managed to do a couple of little designs over the last week.  Two card designs that I will get printed soon.