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illustration friday

Wool IF

Atlast I have managed to fit in a Illustration Friday Topic! This week it is wool. I had a little experiment with this today. I finally opened up the little bottle of Dr P h Martins Radient concentrated water color which has been sitting on my shelve for too long. I’ve been wanting to experiment using it on an illustration for a while. Quite pleased with the results as it glides over my black pen lines without dulling the colour. A set of bright colours will have to be purchased methinks. I also used an old botanical flower print as a back drop. Works for me.

I’ve been working on two new commissions this week, I’ll show the work in progress once the customers have okayed the ideas. I also need to sort out a few issues with the website over the next few weeks too. I think I need to get the gallery showing as the home page with ideally links on some of the individual pictures to my Etsy shop. Also I’ve noticed that when you click on certain illustrations in the gallery and commissions gallery they don’t appear as larger images….mmmm. This is going to test my ‘un tech mind’!

4 thoughts on “Wool – Illustration Friday

  1. Came across your blog today from Illustration Friday. Keep up the great work! And don’t forget that you might be one of those artists others compare themselves to. Your pen work is really beautiful. I would love to see more about your inking process and your lino cutting. My illustration blog is private for now because I’m just not ready to share it, but I’ll let you know when I do!

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