Zoom! – Illustration Friday

illustration friday

The Illustration Friday topic this week is Zoom.  Hopefully this portrays the zooming down the hill of a fast bike rider?  I didn't do a post last week for Illustration Fridays topic. This was because my topic Tree was chosen. I linked the topic to my illustration Apple Tree which can be seen on my portfolio page. I was very chuffed as it brought so much traffic to my website.This week has been spent mainly sewing brooches for the shop. I felt I needed to get some up for sale as I do get asked about them around Christmas. It takes up time making them but it is enjoyable and a change from illustrating.  I have sold some of my Christmas cards which lifted me very much.  But despite this I feel I need to earn more really to make it all worth while.  So I need to start looking for an Illustration agent.  I expect to get some rejection but hopefully there may be someone out there who can push my work into other fields, we shall see.

I am itching to start something new.  I need to do more prints or just straight forward pieces of artwork.  In my head is a mass of ideas that just needs to be let out.  Im thinking collage at the moment but some experimenting is needed to translate the jumbled ideas upstairs into art! 

4 thoughts on “Zoom! – Illustration Friday

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lady on the bike… I can feel the wind in her hair… wheeeeeee…. wonderful!
    Fabulous that your cards are selling so well… can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Come collage with me… it’s what I’ve been doing today and I love it… so very liberating. x

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